Colors of Spring

Few days ago we went to see what colorful leathers there are in stock. What we found was quite amazing, pick the piece you like the most, no problem! Our favorite for this Spring was yellow. Yellow coffee cozy? so exited ;)
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Shrove Tuesday

The sweet bun stuffed full with whipped cream

Shrove Tuesday (Vastlapäev in Estonian) is celebrated by many branches of Christians as the last day of feasting and fun before the Lent period preceding Easter. The holiday falls on a different day each year, seven weeks before Easter.. In some countries this day is celebrated as 'Mardi Gras', and in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and Canada the day is aptly called 'Pancake Tuesday', because a rich meal of pancakes is served.
Shrove Tuesday is mostly the sweet bun stuffed full with whipped cream called 'vastlakukkel'. The fluffy baked goods are so popular that cafes fill with long queues of people picking up their preordered buns or scrambling to buy some; late-comers may find no buns at all, so better to be early! We were on time and enjoyed our sweet buns from BRNE wooden plates. Just perfect ;)
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For Christmas

East Tallinn Central Hospital presents to clients

Estonians have learned that the best gift is something you always can`t buy from shop, it must be far more special to thank or to show your compliments to, so we are very glad that East Tallinn Central Hospital found their way to us in order to thank their clients through our products. Together we created wooden plates with ITK logo on it and packed it in a beautiful black gift box.

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